Our Investment Criteria

We invest in unique companies that we believe meet these criteria


We only invest in companies that are already generating revenue and are demonstrating consistent revenue growth. We require a minimum of $250k annual revenue.


We only invest in companies with great founders and managing teams, bringing deep domain expertise, an innate understanding of the problem they are trying to solve, and the potential to credibly scale the business.


We are agnostic. Market cycle timing is important for us.


We only invest in companies that have a proprietary, or highly differentiated product with a path towards sustainable differentiation.


We only invest in companies with enormous potential for growth and that are addressing large target markets.


The round total target should be at 3M USD minimum.


We have a strong preference for companies that are demonstrating early evidence of having identified efficient, scalable, paid customer acquisition channels, a low ratio of Customer Acquisition Cost to Lifetime Value and a quick time to recoup Customer Acquisition Cost.


We only invest in companies that will have a minimum available cash runway of 12 months post-close.


We gravitate towards entrepreneurs who treat every dollar as if it’s their own and who think carefully about raising capital – both the timing and the amount – to optimize for success.


We prefer to invest in companies where the YOBE community can add significant value beyond capital. This includes introductions, strategic advice, referrals and much more.

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